upcoming electric cars
Upcoming electric cars in India

Electric Cars in India have become popular three-vehicle buyers out of five prefer EV motors (Electric Scooters And Electric Cars). Auto industry-leading companies are keeping their eyes on the electric vehicles market, They produced high-end EVs in the last year. However, that was just starting year for the prominent electric vehicles era. Now, Industry’s giant manufacturers are upcoming up with their new, better-performance EV cars in the year 2022.

• Upcoming EV cars in India
• Electric cars names and launch events
Here are vital expected upcoming electric cars from goodwill companies in 2022

• TATA Upcoming Electric Cars

A. TATA Punch EV

upcoming electric cars
TATA Punch Electric Variant. Front & Rear View

TATA Punch EV will come in four colors skin Electric blue, Moonlight silver, Steel grey matt, and Daytona grey. This EV motor will cost around 10L to 13L (dependent upon the variant you choose). The product will launch in July or August 2023 (estimated date not officially confirmed). TATA company officials announced that they will launch TEN Electric cars by 2023 and TATA Punch is one of them on the list. TATA Punch is also based on the AFLA platform.

B. TATA Nexon EV

upcoming electric cars
TATA Nexon Next-Gen Electric Car Front View. image: TATA Nexon

TATA most selling EV car is Nexos, It has the perfect price to performance car in its EV segment. It has suitable for daily city commute drive. TATA is planning to eradicate some of its cons in the upcoming updated model TATA Nexon EV next-gen. Mostly, TATA Nexon EV will get an upgraded battery pack of 40kWh capacity, a significant 30 percent boost from the existing model’s 30.2kWh version. Other technical things like rear brakes, Electronic Stability Control, and adjustable brake regeneration will be added.

Present, Nexon EV is priced at rupees  16,20,252. Nexon EV comes with TAX benefits, state subsidies, and FAME subsidies. We can expect these benefits in the upcoming updated variant.

C. TATA Altroz EV

TATA Altroz EV Next-Gen. image: cardekho

TATA Altroz EV was first shown at the Auto Expo 2020. Altroz is also based on the ALFA platform. It features, a five-seater, and is automatic, of course, the electric motor is the USP of the car. You can expect the Altroz EV to be launched by the end of 2022 with a price tag of under Rs 15 lakh (this is just an estimated price. after deducting tax benefits and subsidies prices may vary).
Interior design, alloy wheels, cabin, and safety measures are updated in this EV variant as compared to the gasoline variant.

D. TATA BlackBird EV
One of the much-awaited SUVs from TATA house is BlackBird. Based On the X1 platform, you can expect this EV in two variants 5 seaters and 7 seaters. Although I don’t have confirmation about the 7 Seaters model, the 5-seater is standard and offers superior interior quality. As of now, we don’t have an image leak or an official image of the Electric Vehicle.

Price will be in between Nexon and Herrier range.
TATA is planning to first launch the BlackBird EV variant and then, the normal variant model. BlackBird electric car will become TATA’s most expensive EV motor.

E. TATA Sierra EV
TATA introduced Sierra EV at Auto Expo 2020. Since people are curious about this SUV, Sierra EV is currently in its development stage, and as per reports are suggesting we have to wait till 2025. Sierra EV will be based on the new sigma platform that’s especially for electric cars. The rest of the specifications are hidden.

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• Hyundai EV Cars Names in 2022

A. Hyundai IONIQ 5 Electric Car

Hyundai IONIQ 5 EV. image: Hyundai EV

Hyundai one of the futuristic EVs cars is IONIQ 5 electric. Hyundai is planning this electric car in the Indian market in 2022. IONIQ 5 EV is loaded with full digital control, advanced sensors for safety purposes, a Digital display, automatic, large capacity type battery pack. Hyundai IONIQ 5 features are available on the company’s official website. Hyundai IONIQ 5 is priced at rupees 45L to 60L, yes it is expensive but you are going to buy the future monster machine.

B. Hyundai Kona Electric Car

Hyundai Kona Next-Generation EV. image: zingwheel

Hyundai Kona EV was India’s first electric car launched in 2019. Now, Hyundai come with its next-generation model this year, probably Hyundai offers 20L to 23L in between price windows. Hyundai Kona EV will compete with TATA Nexon. The estimated launch date of the Kona Electric 2022 model is August 2022. Kona Electric car 2022 will be a Switchable, Hatchback, SUV available in automatic transmission & electric alternatives.

• Mahindra Electric Cars

A. Mahindra eKUV 100

Mahindra eKUV 100 will launch end of this year. image: cardekho

Mahindra discovered the eKUV 100 at the auto expo 2020, this one is the most affordable electric car from Mahindra house. Mahindra Motors is planning to launch this mini-SUV end of this year or probably in initial the months of 2023. eKUV 100 electric might be available for buyers at the price of rupees approx 9L. We will be hoping that this micro-SUV will get all subsidiaries from the state and central governments.
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B. Mahindra XUV300 EV
Mahindra is the second Indian company, that is focusing more on electric vehicles after TATA Motors. Mahindra XUV300 EV is the perfect example of the company’s future aims.

Mahindra XUV300 EV right-side view. image: cardekho

Mahindra XUV300 EV price could be rupees 15L and it will be competing with TATA Nexon. A report from the auto world is suggesting that Mahindra will debut XUV 300 under a different name it would be XUV400 EV because the manufacturer wants to launch ICE versions, so people are easy to differentiate between these two. The launch date is November 14, 2022, as mentioned on the cardehko website

• MG Electric Car



MG ZX electric car is based on the Astor line that would be launched last year in the Indian Auto market. Now, Morris Garage comes with the next ZS EV with a facelift, superior interior quality, updated features, and a large battery capacity suitable for long-distance drives. MG ZS EV will come with a price tag of rupees 24L plus.

MG is directly facing other EV companies like TATA, Hyundai, Mahindra, etc. In my opinion, MG is providing what buyers are looking for, their products and marketing strategies are good. MG EV has given more valuable products in comparison with Hyundai If I considered their prices. These are the top upcoming electric cars in India. Which one is curious for you? 

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