Telegram Premium Subscription
Telegram Premium Features For Paid Users

One of the most popular messaging applications Telegram will soon launch new paid subscription-based premium features. However, Telegram has not confirmed its official launch date but will launch its premium features this month as the report suggests.
Telegram Messaging Application is known for its public groups, private groups as well as public channels and private groups, respectively.
Creators, Influencers, and others are also using Telegram as a back platform when giant social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram go down.
• Telegram New Paid Subscription Features
• To Enhance Interaction And Promote More Productivities

Telegram founder Pavel Durov mentioned that many people asking to increase the current limit of the app so they can do more.
Pavel Durov said many have been asking us to raise the current limits even further, so we looked into ways to let you go beyond, what’s already crazy. The problem here is that if we remove all the limits for everyone, our server and traffic costs would have become unmanageable.
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• Telegram Paid Membership

Telegram premium subscription features allow users to access new features earlier, able to send the large size of files, special stickers, symbols, and no limits to sharing files.
That’s why Telegram will this month introduce premium features based on subscriptions that allow users to get additional features, speed, and resources. 
Is advertisement a part of this?  Currently, there is no official statement come from the Telegram. At the very beginning, Telegram mentioned that we don’t launch any paid membership to our users. But now time has been changed. 
So, there is a very high probability that Telegram will launch an advertisement-run policy in the future.
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Pavel Durov said, existing members are able to enjoy current free features. Telegram free features users get the premium features from paid membership users indirectly. 
Many other tech websites also highlight this story from Telegram

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• FAQs

Q. Is Telegram an Indian app?
• No, Telegram is a Russian app founded by Nikolai and Pavel Durov in the year 2013.
Q. When will Telegram premium features launch?
• Telegram premium features will launch in the month of June (mostly end of the month). 
Q. How many users are using Telegram App?
• Almost 500 million users are using Telegram App worldwide. 
Q. How much should users pay to get Telegram premium features? 
• There is no official pricing discovered by the Telegram. Currently, We have only confirmed news about the upcoming Telegram Premium Features