Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Google Assistant
Samsung Watch 4 Received Google Assistant Update

Samsung finally release the Google Assistant update for Galaxy Watch 4 and  Watch 4 classic. This update has enhanced the usability of the users and the touchless control experience, now becoming more effortless.
• Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Google Assistant Update Release
• Set Alarm, Ask for Weather Info, Make A Call, And Command

After a quite long period of time, Samsung has released the Google Assistant feature for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 And Classic in India. Smartwatch users will enjoy Google Assistant updates more because Watch 4 works independently mean, you don’t have to download the Google Assistant App on your smartphone.
Samsung Watch 4 has the capability that performs all your tasks without installing the App on your phone.

After you installed and set the App, you can take various benefits such as asking to set an alarm, make a call, start the timer, ask for today’s weather, send SMSs, and control all your home connected devices as well as ask for any tasks that Google Assistant can perform.

1. To download the App on your smartwatch, just tap the link mentioned below.
Download The Google Assistant For Your Smartwatch

2. You can also download it manually by following the steps
• Go to the Google Play Store of your Watch 4
• Search for Google Assistant
• Tap Install
• A new icon will appear in the app launcher
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At very first, The app will ask you to connect by opening your phone. Here are some vital steps to set up the Google Assistant on your smartwatch.
• Activate Google Assistant.
• Access your Assistant with “Hey Google”
• Agree to Voice Match
• Saving audio is your choice
•Gets personal results on your watch
• Talk to your Assistant with a button
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Q. What is the galaxy watch 4 release date in India?
• 10 September 2021 is the galaxy watch 4 release date in India. 
Q. Does the galaxy watch 4 have google assistant?
• Yes, After an update released by Samsung, Galaxy Watch 4 And Watch 4 Classic have to support Google Assistant.