OnePlus Nord Wired Earphones
OnePlus Nord Wired Earphones Priced At Rs 799. Image Credit: amazon India

• New Earphones From OnePlus
• Targeting Under 1K Market Segment
• Sales Will Be Started On September 01, 2022

OnePlus announces the latest wired earphones from its portfolio. Nord Wired Earphones promises to experience signature audio listening to wider people with an affordable price range. In the era of true-wireless in-earphones, the OnePlus comes with wired earphones means it has a 3.5mm jack audio jack.

Meanwhile, you can also use a USB Type-C connector to use Nord earphones. Let’s talk about what OnePlus is offering under Rs 799 price? In terms of physical overview, it has a silicon body. Both earphones have magnets that stick to each other for easy portability and double as handy audio controls. Easy to play and clip them to pause. 
You will get 9.2mm dynamic drivers and a 0.42cc sound cavity for a bigger and bolder audio experience.

OnePlus Nord Wired Earphones
OnePlus Wired Earphones With 3.5 Audio Jack. Image Credit: Amazon India

Of course, a 3.5mm audio jack is a USP of the earphone. You can easily connect to anything from laptops to portable gaming consoles or your OnePlus Nord Phones using the 3.5mm audio jack.
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OnePlus Nord Wired Earphones have an inline mic with button commands to give you complete capability over your calls, media, and using your voice assistant.
IPS4 ratings definitely protect it from water and sweat.
Additionally, earphones come with three pairs of interchangeable silicon tips.

Note: You can register yourself at Amazon India to get notified.

• Pricing And Availability

As earlier mentioned above, This is an affordable wired earphone from OnePlus. Sales will be started on September 1, 2022. The earphone will available on the Amazon India site,, OnePlus Store App, And offline stores like Reliance Digital, MyJio App, Croma, Sangeetha Mobiles, Poorvika, Bajaj Electronics, Croma, SS Mobiles, Poojara Telecom, BigC Mobiles, LOT Mobiles, Top10 Mobiles, Pai International And The Chennai Mobiles.
‘OnePlus Nord Wired Earphones will cost you rupees 799’. Various Online payment methods can give you particular discounts (Terms And Conditions Apply).

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