New Ather 450X Gen 3
Ather 450X 3 Gen Electric Scooter. Image Credit: Ather Energy

• Ather 450X 3 Gen Electric Scooter Launched

• Larger Battery Packed
• Longer Distance Coverage
• Fast Charging Within Few Hours

Ather Energy launches a new age of electric scooters across the nation with significant updates in battery capacities, fast charging, covering longer distances, and software updates. Ather 450 Plus and Ather 450X, these electric scooters are directly tackled with Ola S series EV scooters in India.

In this article, you will learn more about the Ather 450X Electric Scooter charging technology, maximum range cover on a single charge, and digital instrument cluster features. Also, availability and pricing are as per city.

Mainly new Ather 450X gen 3 comes with three color options universal black, blue, and white. In terms of weight, design, and body ratio it is lightweight.
Here are some vital signs of the two-wheeler EV scooter.

It has a 3.7kWh battery which is vastly larger than the 2.9kWh battery that the previous model has it. With a single charge Ather 45X gen, 3 can cover 146Km distance. Although, this two-wheeler electric scooter offers five riding modes such as Eco, Smart eco, Ride, Sport, and Warp. The true top speed of the scooter is recorded 80Km/hr by the company. Within 3.3 sec you can go up to 40Km/hr speed, called pick-up speed in general language.

How you can charge the Ather 450X gen 3 scooter? Every EV scooter has a big charging issue. But the Ather company has been offering an IP67 certificate that defined water and dust proof. Furthermore, it has three charging alternatives like a home charger (0-80 percent within 4 hours and 30 minutes), the second is a portable charger (0-80 percent within 4 hours and 30 minutes). However, you can carry it in the boot and charge using any 5A socket. 22L boot space is a key feature for many city commuters.

And the third is an Ather Grid public charger. The company is offering a free-charging service to all Ather 450X Generation 3 riders until December 2022. The fast charging helps to charge the EV bike 15Km within 10 minutes. Reserve assistance (up to 2Km/hr) is helpful at the time of parking. To enhance riders’ safety, there are dual dis-breaking systems given.

A digital instrument is a major highlight of the scooter. A 7-inch touch screen display provides you, with your location, and maps, you can show valuable documents, tracking info, side-stand indicator, offline mapping, and more. Through software updates Ather gives offline mapping, richer graphics, voice commands, call alerts, Bluetooth connects, control music, running multiple apps in parallel, multiple-language support, and deeper diagnostics.

You can integrate, your scooter with Ather’s the official app. Ather app keeps eye on your scooter for you. The App has many beneficial features like Tow and Thief notification alerts, finding grid points near you, checking battery percentage status, locating your scooter, seeing ride stats, and more.
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• Ather 450X Gen 3 Price, Subsidiaries And Availability

Ather 450X 2022 variant has been listed on FAME II and State government subsidiaries initiatives. Definitely, you will get the FAME II benefits across the country but not the state subsidiary. Only some selective states are offering ‘State Government Subsidiariy’ on electric vehicles.
For accurate pricing, please visit the company’s official website. Because portable chargers and performance upgrades (the software pack that unlocks warp and Bluetooth to add on to the performance) prices are added by the company.
Note: Ather 450X Gen 3 is available on loan as well as on lease. 

• The scooter is available in the following cities of the country.

• Agra
• Ahemdabad 
• Belgaum
• Bengaluru
• Chennai
• Coimbatore
• Dehradun
• Guwhati
• Hubli
• Hyderabad
• Indore
• Jaipur
• Kannur 
• Kolhapur
• Kochi
• Kollam
• Kozhikode
• Malappuram
• Mangalore
• Mumbai
• Mysuru
• Nagpur
• Nashik
• New Delhi
• Noida
• Palakkad
• Panaji
• Pune
• Raipur
• Siliguri
• Surat
• Thrissur
• Tirupati
• Trivandrum
• Vadodara
• Vijaywada
• Visakhapatnam

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