Double Decker Electric Bus
India’s First Double Decker Electric Bus Officially Revealed. Image Credit: Internet

Switch Mobility is a subsidiary of Ashok Leyland automobile. Now, Switch Mobility is trying to bring back Mumbai’s double-decker store memories but in a new eco-friendly way and with zero emission norms. I mean to say, Switch Mobility revealed India’s first double-decker electric bus in India.

• An eco-friendly initiative by Ashok Leyland and Switch Mobility
• India’s very first double-decker electric bus launched in Mumbai-City
• EiV 22 double-decker electric bus based on EiV 12 design legacy

Switch Mobility claims that EiV 22 is India’s first air-conditioned double-decker EV bus. The company is trying to match United Kingdom buses’ standard features for passengers and drivers. The new Switch EiV 22 gaining strength from prevision-generation EiV 12.

Here are the following vital features of the EiV 22 double-decker electric bus.

Every electric vehicle’s heart is its battery, In Switch EiV 22 company fitted a heavy-duty 231 kWh nickel cobalt manganese battery. On a single charge, EiV 22 has the capacity to cover a distance of 250km. However, How much it takes time to charge I don’t know. Even Switch Mobility’s official website does not mention this answer. 

The battery pack utilizes cells sourced from China, while their assembly into the battery pack is done at Switch Mobility’s production facility in Tamil Nadu at Ennore. This battery pack has features like liquid cooling and dual gun charging also backed by a powertrain sourced from dana. 

EiV 22 designed is based on previous generation Eiv 12 and uses front and rear doors for easier and faster ingress and egress of passengers. It has two staircases for accessing the deck above and an emergency door complying with the latest safety standards. Switch EiV 22 is ideal for metro city transport, that’s why at the initial level it will only serve Mumbai city. 

Inside the electric bus, the company uses high-quality premium materials as Ev cars have, and lightweight cushions for your most comfortable commute. We must appreciate that this is an air-conditioner Ev bus. At a time it carries 65 seating passengers.
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Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST), by its subsidiary OHM Mobility, in advance placed an order for 200 EiV 22 double-decker buses in Mumbai city only. ‘Mahesh Babu CEO of Switch Mobility’ said, At the initial level double-decker EV bus service opt for only two bus depots of Colaba and Kurla in Mumbai. These bus depots are fully well-equipped with fast-charging facilities for EV buses.
The first units of the EiV 22 electric bus will deliver to BEST in the fourth quarter of the financial year 2023.

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• FAQs

Q.1. Which electric bus launched in India?
Answer: Electric bus EiV 22 officially launched and will come into operation in the year 2023. It is India’s first double-decker AC EV bus.
Q.2. Where is the electric bus charging depot in Mumbai?
Answer: Colaba and Kurla are two bus depots fully-equipped with charging facilities for electric buses in Mumbai.