• Greta Harper ZX Series-I Electric Scooter Launched
• An Indian Electric Scooters Manufacturer
• One Of The Affordable Electric Scooter Currently In The Market

Greta Harper ZX Series-I
Greta Harper ZX Series-I

The Electric Vehicle era is in its infant stage. From large to small companies come out with new ideas and innovations. In India many EV startup companies emerge, one of them is state-level based ‘Greta Electric Scooters’. Greta Electric Scooters (GES) is based in the Gujrat state of India. 

The company announced, its first electric scooter a few days ago called ‘Greta Harper ZX Series-I’. The price of the electric scooter is really surprisingly low. It cost you Rs 41,999 (ex-showroom) only which makes this EV scooter the cheapest, most affordable, and best pick electric scooter under the 50K price window.
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But, here are tiny suspense, the cost of the scooter doesn’t include the battery and charging instruments.
The company offering varieties of battery and charging options to the customers. So, you can choose as per your requirement. 
After adding battery prices, the actual price of the scooter has unconditionally become high.

• There are different types of battery options offered by the company. They are mentioned below.
V2 48v-24Ah  – range of 60km per charge – Rs 17,000 – Rs 20,000

• V3 48v-30Ah  – range of 100km per charge – Rs 22,000 – Rs 25,000
• V2+60v-24Ah – range of 60km per charge – Rs 21,000 – Rs 24,000
• V3+60v-30Ah – range of 100km per charge – Rs 27,000 – Rs 31,000

Before making any decision, just take a keen look at battery varieties. Once you pick a battery type, just remember you have to buy a charger for your battery. The charger price will be priced between Rs 3000 to Rs 5000. Cautious, Once the battery will attach to the scooter, it can not be swapped or removed. The company is giving 3 years of warranty on the battery. 

• Here are the vital specifications of the EV Scooter
Greta Electric Scooters has been offering 3 riding modes like eco for short distance cover, city for the within-city ride, and turbo for those who need more power. Once the battery of the scooter is fully charged, it will be covered 70Km, 80Km, and 100Km, depending upon which battery variant you pick.
The Gujrat-based EV scooter manufacturer has offering two charging cables; The first one is a regular charger that can charge your ‘Greta Harper ZX Series-I’ within 5 hours and the second option is for a dash charger nothing but a fast-charging cable. It will be charged your EV scooter up to 80 percent within 3 hours as the company mentioned.

Come to one of the core parts of the scooter is the wheels, it has 10-inch wheels, a telescopic front fork, rear cell shock absorbers, a hydraulic disc brake at the front, and a drum brake at the rear. 
Further elements of the EV scooter have an LED digital instrument cluster display and a keyless ignition. Then there are also things like ignition/child lock, park mode, a fixed reverse speed limit, a front glove box, find my vehicle alarm, and a USB port for some added convenience.
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• How To Book The EV Scooter
As per the company’s terms and conditions, you have to pay a Rs 2,000 upfront amount. Within 45-75 days, you will receive the company’s first Greta Harper ZX Series-I electric scooter. 
Please note that ex-showroom prices vary state-to-state in the country. And there is no official statement from the company received that verifies, that this EV scooter has some state and central government subsidiaries. 

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• FAQs
Which one is the cheapest electric scooter under 70K?

• Greta Harper ZX Series-I, is the cheapest option available in the Electric Scooter segment under the 70K price window.
Q. Name the electric scooters that make in the Gujrat state of India?
Greta Electric Scooters is one of the EV makers from the state of Gujrat In India.