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Askinhindi.net Is An India Based Tech Website. ‘Azaruddin Qureshi’ Is The Founder And Editor Of ‘Askinhindi.Net’. On 5 January 2021, This Website Was Established. The Vital Purpose Of This Site Is To Serve The Best Of Tech World News, Needy Information, Do Reviews For Better Pick To Readers/Users.
We Work, So Hard To Our Readers/Information Gainers In The Department Of Electric Vehicles. We All Know That Electric Vehicles Are Going To Be The Future Of Our Commuters.
So, Please Be With Us For New And Daily Updates About EV Motors Around The World.
Setting New Algorithms, In The Field Of Consuming Information By The Readers/Users Is One Of The Main Objective Of This Website.

Quick Summary Of About Us

1. What Readers Get On This Site:
Tech News.
Authentic Guide.
Real World Reviews.
Genuine Recommendation.
Applications News, Reviews, And Usabilities.
Electric Vehicles Updates.

2. About Readers:
Articles Can Be Updated, So Please Be With Updated One.
Reader Have Any Issue With Providing Content Please Contact Us (contact@askinhindi.net).
• Please Give Your Feedback It Does Matter A Lot For Us.

3. About Founder:
‘Azaruddin Qureshi’ Is The Founder Of The ‘Askinhindi.Net’ Website. His Main Objective Is To Serve The Information Best Way Possible As Per Readers’ Conveniences And Their Point Of view. Currently, He Lives In Mumbai City Of India. He Quit His Job And Started Following His Dreams, Happiness, And Path That He Decided on.
His Quotes:
About Life: Life Is So Beautiful, Human Being Can’t Imagine Its Beauty.
On Business: Always Follow Business Ethics, Respect Competitors Learn From Them Not Cheat With Them.
• About Society: If You Are Not Giving Your Contribution, Don’t Willing To Receive Something.
• Success Mantra: Simple, Direct, Effective (Do What You Love, Love What You Do).
Note: Content Writing, Research, And Social Media Management Are Currently Done By The Founder.

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